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The 2024 short legislative session begins on February 5th. Lawmakers will convene in Salem for 35 days to pass bills and make adjustments to the state budget. Last session, all Oregon CASA programs banded together to ask for $6.4 million to continue existing service levels in Oregon. The legislature approved $5.9 million in state funding, which mean CASA programs need an additional $500,000 state investment to allow operations to continue at existing levels.

We want YOU to help us reach every Oregon legislator.

Use the Legislator Lookup Tool to identify your State Representative and State Senator. 


Call or email your legislator to ask for  their support $500,000 in additional CASA funding in 2024.

Talking Points for your State Senator

Senator ________, 


I live in your district and want to thank you for your service in the legislature. I’ve been involved with CASA programs as a [Fill in YOUR role here: Court Appointed Special Advocate/Board member/etc.] for ____ years. I hope you will consider advocating for additional funding for CASA programs during this upcoming 2024 legislative session. It is absolutely critical that we fund CASA programs because CASA volunteers are on the front lines in the fight for child and youth mental health and physical safety, including preventing addiction and homelessness.


If you want to know more about our work at CASA, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you, 

[Name, a CASA supporter]

Talking Points for your State Representative

Representative ____________, 


We need your help in 2024! As one of your constituents, I’m asking that you advocate for $500,000 in additional funding for the Oregon CASA Network this year. Last year, the state invested $5.9 million in statewide CASA programs. However, CASA programs needed $6.4 million to continue to provide essential services at the current level. This means CASA programs are seeking an additional $500,000 this year to ensure services can continue.


Court Appointed Special Advocates are a critical part of our fight against addiction and homelessness. Research shows children with a Court Appointed Special Advocate access more trauma-informed services like mental health counseling, tend to perform better academically and behaviorally, have significantly fewer foster placements, and are half as likely to re-enter the foster care system than children without a CASA.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

[Name, a CASA supporter]


Let's connect.


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