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Exclusive Services

Research shows that children assigned to CASA volunteers do better in school: 

•More likely to pass all courses

•Less likely to have poor conduct in school

•Less likely to be expelled


Source: University of Houston and Child Advocates, Inc., Making a Difference in the Lives of Abused and Neglected Children: Research on the Effectiveness of a Court Appointed Special Advocate Program

Article on how CASA volunteers can create a positive educational experience for children in care 

iFoster offers free virtual tutoring sessions in English and Spanish. If you are interested in signing up your child, please speak with your Advocate Coordinator. 

Article with tips and resources from the Annie E. Casey Foundation 

The Harvey Mudd College Homework Hotline is a free over-the-phone, math and science tutoring service for students in grades 4 through 12 who need help with their math and science assignments (e.g. homework, studying for a test).

There is no need to register or make an appointment. Students call the hotline to be connected directly to a tutor.


All tutoring is provided in English, however, other languages (Spanish, Chinese, Khmer, etc.) might be available, but subject to change each semester depending on the tutors available.

CTEC prepares high school students for high-skill, high-wage and high-demand careers while developing the professional skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation and real-world experience to assure their success upon graduation.

  • Student Population: CTEC programs serve 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in Salem-Keizer Public Schools. The application can be found online and submitted throughout the year. Traditionally, students apply mid-way through their 10th grade year, all of our programs are designed to be a two-year program to ensure a competitive advantage. While Juniors may apply, sophomore applications are given priory.

  • Timing and Qualifications: Students enrolled in Salem Keizer Public School, in grades 10 and 11, apply to CTEC midway through their school year. Applications are evaluated based upon the number of core credits the student has accumulated,  attendance rate, behavior, passion for the program and future career goals.

98% of CTEC students graduate. Other key outcomes include earning dual-college credit, gaining valuable industry certifications, strong attendance, professional skill development, and 100% positive placement post-graduation. CTEC students graduate high school with a career plan, as well as an internship, job, military or college acceptance. 

The Office of Student Access and Completion has over 400 scholarship opportunities available including scholarships specifically for foster youth. 

Foster Care to Success

The national non-profit program FCS (formerly called Orphan Foundation of America) provides scholarship and grant money to former foster students in college and specialized training programs across the country. 

Ford Foundation Scholarship Program 

Scholarship programs targeting dedicated students who have demonstrated financial and social barriers. 

Families with incomes up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or children in foster care may be eligible for free preschool. Regardless of income, if your child will be 4 years old on Sept. 10 and you live in certain elementary school neighborhoods in Salem and Keizer, you may be eligible for free preschool through Title I

Learn more about Kindergarten readiness, preschool options and other resources for early childhood education at Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub.

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